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About Us

Superclima, a leading mechanical contractor in Cyprus, has a proven track record of over 30 years. Our commitment to providing superior performance, reliability, and stability to each customer is unwavering. Our focus is on mechanical construction, engineering, project management, HVAC service, and energy services, and we take a full-service approach by offering a broad range of building solutions with a greater emphasis on after-sale service.

Our aim is to deliver quality results that maximize the return on our customers' investments. We believe in continuous improvement, which is why we provide ongoing training sessions to our technicians, both internally and externally. We also collaborate with other industry leaders and major suppliers to leverage their expertise in all fields of mechanical services, resulting in greater efficiencies. Our company has grown through economies of scale, competitive advantage, and internal professional growth.

With our stability, innovation, and vision for the future, Superclima is well-positioned to continue as a leading provider of mechanical services and is poised for strong growth in the years to come.

Mission Statement

'' We provide superior quality of mechanical services with professionalism to ensure customer care and satisfaction. ''

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